Welcome to Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village!

Waista’ast Manista’mi Gallery ki aka’pioyists!

Lodgepole Gallery, tucked in the breathtaking foothills of the Rocky Mountains bordering Glacier National Park, near Browning, Montana is a place of gathering for those from all over the world for an authentic venture into the life of the Blackfeet Indian.

We invite you to visit our Native American Art Gallery displaying contemporary and traditional fine art or kunst, including Blackfoot Indian art and intricate Blackfeet Indian beadwork. Create a legend of your own when lodging at our Blackfoot Tipi Village.

Blackfoot Indian history and Native American culture comes alive when participating in our Blackfeet history tour. We take you on a journey back in time visiting buffalo jump sites, tipi rings, pow wows and the Museum of the Plains Indian. Horseback riding is a special activity as we ride on the paths of Blackfeet warriors. You’ll hike wild trails for unforgettable fishing from streams flowing out of Glacier National Park. Camping in Blackfeet country in a tipi is truly memorable. Spend the evening  learning about Blackfeet  Indian culture, listening to stories from Native American Tribes passed down from generations about life for the Blackfoot Indian in Montana. Tipi accommodations provide for a genuine Native American experience.

Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village is located on two hundred acres of pristine prairie with a spring-fed lake 2.5 miles west of Browning, Montana on Hwy 89 and just a few short miles east of Glacier National Park. Airports include Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Montana, Great Falls International Airport in Great Falls, Montana and Calgary International Airport in Alberta, Canada.

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