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Orange-Teal Par Fleche

Orange-Teal Par Fleche

Pastel rendered digital art
24 x 24 in, 61 x 61 cm
Angelika Harden-Norman (German)
Darrell Norman (Blackfeet)



The foundation to this soft pastel painting is a giclee print on Hahnemuehle Turner paper of a digital art collage.


Angelika digitized Darrell’s par fleche and made a digital collage out of the par fleche image. She also changed the colors and size of the par fleche image before she finalized the painting with soft pastels.


To read more about Angelika’s art click here.



About Par Fleches


Par Fleche is a French word meaning to deflect an arrow. The term par fleche refers to the rawhide containers that were made to by Plains Indian to carry personal items, sacred items or meat. Most of the containers were made of buffalo raw hide by the women. The par fleche containers were of different sizes and shapes such as cylindrical square and rectangular. These containers were also painted with earth paints using mostly geometric design.


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