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"Quanah Parker" by Robert Orduno

Quannah Parker, Iris Print by Robert Orduno

Iris Print

11 / 100 
21 x 21 in, 53 x 53 cm  
Robert  Orduno (Apache)




About Iris Prints


An Iris printer is a large format colour inkjet printer manufactured by the Graphic Communications Group of Eastman Kodak, which is used for digital prepress proofing. Iris printers use a continuous flow ink system to produce continuous-tone output on various media, including paper, canvas, silk, linen and other textiles....The prints are noted for their accurate color reproduction....Prints produced by an Iris printer are commonly called "Iris prints", "Iris proofs", or simply "Irises"....Another generic name “giclée” is also used for this type of print. Some artist and fine art printers still prefer to call prints produced on an Iris printer an "Iris print".

Quoted from Wickepedia


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