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"Rides a Blue Horse"

Rides Blue Horse by David Dragonfly

"Rides Blue Horse"

metal frame 
14.5 x 16.5 in
(32 x 43 cm) 
David Dragonfly
US $585


The inspiration for David’s images stems from his Blackfeet heritage and his Montana environment.



About Collagraphs

Based on the collage form of painting, a collagraph is a relatively new form of print making. David Dragonfly begins by drawing an image on illustration board. Then he uses an exacto knife to cut into the lines of the design, peeling the designs out of the plate, creating negative or positive space. Then David uses modeling paste and carborundum grit to add texture. Then he rolls ink directly onto the plate, and applies the damp paper that will receive the image. The plate and paper are rolled through his etching press. Some prints are further embellished following printing. These collagraph prints are a limited edition, created on at a time. Because the plates are fragile, no more than 7 prints of each image are created.


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