Art Workshop

Visitors have been inspired by the traditional and contemporary artwork of Blackfoot and other Native American tribes in our gallery while lodging in this scenic area of Browning, Montana. Thus we have been inspired to begin Art Workshops for our guests here at Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village.

Create your very own piece of artwork, which will always remind you of your Blackfeet holiday, the prairie, the mountains of Glacier National Park, and the vast blue sky. You can make a par fleche, drum, rattle or fetish in cultural mini-seminars and craft sessions. Learn about designs and symbolism used by the Blackfoot people and how they integrated them into daily life such as in Indian tipi art. Experience how these Blackfeet designs and symbols have been a part of their ceremony and Indian culture for centuries.

Due the novel corona virus pandemic we are not offering art-workshops in 2020

The Prices vary according to length of the workshop and types of materials used. Price Examples:

Par Fleche small


Par Fleche medium no fringed


Par Fleche medium fringed


Par Fleche, large with no fringe


Par Fleche, large with fringe


Drum, small (13 inches)


Drum, medium (15 inches)






We offer a group discount (eight person minimum) for art workshops

Please keep in mind that some art workshops require more then 1 day to complete.
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