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Experience a talk about Blackfeet cultural history with Darrell Norman, Ee-Nees-Too-Wah-See, a Blackfeet tribal member, noted artist and historian. Who are the Blackfeet people, and where do they come from? Darrell makes Blackfeet history and culture come alive with examples from both modern science and Blackfeet oral history and traditions.

The one to one and a half hour lecture covers history of the Blackfoot people from the beginning of time as we know it to the present day concisely. It begins with the Blackfoot genesis story, how and who made the Blackfeet people and how we happened to be in this area. The talk covers the dog days, before the coming of the horse, and the culture that existed then. It continues with explaining how the first contact with Europeans, the fur trade and the coming of the horse has impacted on Blackfoot society.

Furthermore the talk covers the relationship with other tribes and the United States government. It proceeds through the mid 1800 and how changes in the early 1900’s that impacted our lives. Finally the period from 1934 through the 1950’s, 70’s, 80’s and present day and current issues as well as our lives today.

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2 – 6 persons (adults)

$25 / per person

7 persons (adults) and more


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