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Drum of the Ancient


Drum of the Ancient


Buffalo hide wall sculpture by Darrell Norman

Media: buffalo hide, dyes, paints, buckskin, antique beads, buffalo dew claws, imitation eagle feather, trade cloth, choke-cherry drum sticks with earth paints, buffalo tail

This wall sculpture represents the “First Drum” of the Blackfoot people. Before the round drums on frames was the use of a buffalo hide to drum on. This is still apparent in some of our ancient ceremonies today. On the left are ancient images of men drumming on the hide. The kneeling men are pointing upwards to the spirits above and singing. Below them and to the left side are images of the underwater beings, which where some of the first beings created on this earth. To the right are images of the buffalo, the staff of life of our people. Attached is a small shield made of buffalo hide and raw hide feathers, which symbolizes strength and protection provided by the buffalo. Attached are drum sticks made of choke-cherries, buffalo dew claws (used as rattles) and Imation eagle feathers. The eagle carried our prayers to the sun and the above spirits. The spine is also a visual symbol. A buffalo tail is attached to the end of the spine. The tail was used in ceremonies.





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