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"Blackfeet Entrepreneur"


"Blackfeet Unternehmer" von Angelika und Darrell Norman


Angelika Harden-Norman (German)



Darrell Norman (Blackfeet)

Media: Mixed Media
Size: 24 x 32 in, 61 x 81 cm


Price: $1,250

The foundation to this soft pastel painting is a giclee print on Hahnemuehle Turner paper of a digital art collage
The elements of this digital collage are:


  • A hand-written ledger by Angelika Harden-Norman of Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village
  • One of Angelika's early morning photos of the tipi-camp
  • Angelika's photo of a hand-scraped elk hide
  • A par fleche painting by Blackfeet Artist Darrell Norman
  • A painting on a drum of a Blackfeet rider on a horse by Darrell Norman also


This painting refers to the successful Blackfeet business person as continuum. It shows the past that symbolized by the pictographic image of a rider on a horse, the elk hide and par fleche design. Then it continues on into the present and the future, which is symbolized by the business ledger from 2002, the photograph and the use of a computer to create this art.



To read more about Angelika’s art click here.





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