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My favorite artistic tool is a computer followed by a photo camera and by paints. I take tribal art work or images, alter them digitally print them on pre-coated paper and finally paint over the printed image to enhance its form and expression. Sometimes I chose specialty paper like papyrus or custom size papers as foundation. These papers I hand coat for inkjet printing.

  1. BulletPhotographing landscape and native people

With my photographs I like to capture the beauty of the Blackfeet Landscape and the culture of its people, which I chose to be my new home. It is the pre-alpine wind sweat prairie along the Rocky Mountain front in Northwest Montana and the Rocky Mountains. Here I photograph landscape, tipis and sometimes Pow Wow dancers. Most of my photos I scan, edit digitally and print myself.

  1. BulletWhy I create my art

My goal is to present ancient images in a modern form. For example, some of my pastel drawings are based on raw hide paintings by my husband Darrell Norman (Blackfeet artist). Some of them are based in Paleolithic European paintings. With referring to historic imagery, I am searching for artistic values beyond time. When I work with Blackfeet images in pastel, I am reminded these have been part of local art work for centuries. With scanning and painting ancient European images & symbols I am trying to reconnect to my ancestors. I follow the lines of these long time ago artists with chalk, mouse and paint.


About Creating My Art


  1. Exploring the ancients with

  2. camera, computer & paint

Working together with Blackfeet artist Darrell Norman on a reproduction of an antique buffalo hide for the CM Russell Museum in Great Falls

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