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About Our Artists
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Neil Parsons Neil Parsons

Neil grew up in the Blackfeet reservation. He studied art at the University of Montana and earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree in fine arts. He worked as an assistant professor at the University of Montana and Western State College of Colorado and as a instructor of design at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe Neil participated in Native American art shows in the United States, and throughout Europe.

Barbara  Gerard-Mitchell Barbara Gerard-Mitchell

This Blackfeet artist received her education in western art through art schools, workshops and at the Eastern Montana College in Billings. Barbara works in a variety of mediums such as oils, acrylics, colored pencils and pen and ink. Her subject matter being almost anything pertaining to the West. Barbara participated in art shows in Montana and Seattle, WA. Since August 2005, Barbara studies at the Institute of Native American Art in Santa Fe, NM.

Jackie Larson Bread Jackie Larson Bread

Growing up on the Blackfeet Indian reservation, Jackie learned beadwork from her grandmother. Jackie continued her education at the College of Santa Fe and the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe where she earned a degree in two dimensional art and museumology. While studying in Santa Fe Jackie helped develop illusionary pictorial beadwork, where pictorial depth is created by using different graduated shades of beads. Currently traditional plains ledger art, with its vibrant color and stylized depictions is the basis for Jackie’s beadwork. Illusionary pictorial beadwork as well as delicate Blackfeet florals and bold Blackfeet geometric design comprise the remainder of her current work. Images are hand-drawn and composed into intricately beaded bags and other traditional utilitarian items. Her art is included in many permanent and private collections including the Smithsonian Institutions, Museum of the American Indian. Jackie’s beadwork has been acknowledged with many awards at the prestigious Heard Museum Show, Phoenix, Arizona, Indian Market, Santa Fe, Mew Mexico and Northern Plains Tribal Arts, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Ernest Marceau Ernest Marceau

Born and raised on the Blackfeet reservation, Ernest Marceau has been drawing and painting since childhood. He did not earn an art degree but attended art history, drawing and sculpture classes in college. Besides having t-shirts produced with his art, Ernest works in acrylic and oils. He also draws cartoons and creates sculptures. His art was exhibited in the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning, Montana, at the Native American Art Show in Great Falls, at Ulm Pishkun State Park and at the Harvest Moon Ball Auction at East Glacier, Montana.

Francis Wall Clcik for larger image

His art education at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM helped Francis to explore and work more loosely in media of various types. Usually he works intuitively and experiments with color and media. His subjects vary as he combines realistic and abstract forms. Native American subjects and Northern Plains Indian geometric designs are sometimes incorporated into Francis work.

Chrystine Davison Chrystine Davison
The Blackfeet artist Chrystine Davison has lived in Seattle, WA, where she was born and raised. She enjoys working with traditional materials to produce original style Blackfeet art. With the help of elders and other members of the Blackfeet community, she learned to express her close ties with her heritage and her love for the Blackfeet culture through her art. Chrystine has been creating custom made items since she was young. Her works include dolls, medicine pouches, bags, purses, jewelry and moccasins. “My goal is to branch out using other mediums such as acrylic and watercolors to give a contemporary twist to traditional Blackfeet images.”

Terrance Guardipee Terrance Guardipee

Terrance Guardipee is an international acclaimed Blackfeet painter and ledger artist, whose work is featured in the permanent collections at the National Museum of American Indian in the Washington D.C. Smithsonian as well as other museums in the United States and the Natural History Museum in Hannover, Germany. His artwork is also in numerous art collections.

Terrence Guradipee studied at the institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been the first ledger artist to incorporate antique maps, music paper, war ration documents and antique checks in his work. He was a featured artist for the 2008 50th Anniversary Heard Museum Indian art Market and was also featured artist at the National Smithsonian Indian Museum. At the 2007 Harvest Moon Ball art auction in East Glacier Park, Montana he held the unprecedented top bid of $22,000.00 on one of his ledger art pieces.


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