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Our Blackfoot tipi camp is located two miles west of Browning, Montana, on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, where prairie and Rocky Mountains meet bordering Glacier National Park. On your visit to Blackfeet country, lodging in our traditional Blackfoot tipi with a fireplace in the center, is a must.

We provide firewood for your campfire in the tipi and for the big communal fire in the arbor. Our tipi camp arbor is a wooden wind shelter built in the form of a traditional Blackfeet ceremonial lodge. In both our Blackfeet ceremonial lodge and at Crow’s Nest (Guest Lounge and Dining Room) you can meet and socialize with other guests camping at the tipi village or with local Blackfoot artists. A shower house, just up the hill from the tipi camp, is part of our guest facilities. Decorated in Blackfeet style, all our guest facilities take part in providing you with an experience full of Native American culture.

Blackfeet tipis provide dry warmth. The tipi retains airflow and let’s in outdoor acoustics of the natural environment so you will be able to hear crickets at night, under star-lit Montana skies. Sometimes you can even hear coyotes howl!

You will delight in the comfort of the tipi which evolved over millennia. Blackfeet tipis have traditional liners which forms double walls. This provides ventilation and keeps the inside of the tipi pleasantly cool during the summer months when it can be hot and dry in the shadow of Glacier National Park.

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Crow's Nest - our guest lounge - with patio
Crow's Nest, our guest lounge
Enjoying a traditional dinner
Shower house


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