Guests Comments

The visit to your beautiful space was on of the highlights of our visit to Blackfeet Country. My staff and Board members are still talking about the amazing feast you put together for us that day. In its abundance and variety, it was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for us. Your hospitality, combined with the beauty of the landscape and the marvelous artwork in the gallery, made Lodgepole the perfect place for us to spend a few hours in the middle of our day on the reservation.

Kevin F. Walker
President & CEO Northwest Area Foundation

June 2011

We stayed with you at the Tipi Village in summer 2003 – – Darrell guided me in making my own par fleche which is one of my cherished personal belongings – – we had a wonderful time in Browning – – we so enjoyed learning about Blackfeet culture. Your Tipi Village and Gallery is providing such a service to educate people about your culture. The wisdom and understanding of cosmology of our First Peoples is so important. Thank you for building the bridge and providing the window for us to learn about that wisdom and cosmology.

On the day set aside for giving thanks – I just want to tell both of you how thankful we are to know you and how much we appreciate the work you are doing to heal our world through your understanding and wisdom

Gratefully, L. & R.


Hi and Guten Tag,

This is Helene and Eric. We are now back in crazy New York. We wanted to warmly thank you for the great moments we spent at your place. It was so nice and friendly. We enjoyed it a lot and we already regret Montana. Who knows, we may come back in winter!

We also thank you for indicating us Tom. We had a fantastic ride with his son CJ around the Heart Butte Mountain.

Again thank you and as our Blackfeet language is quite poor, let us tell you merci et au revoir (as in Blackfeet, it means that we’ll meet again somewhere).

Eric et Helene


Angelika and Darrell:

You have to know that our night there and meal with you two was perhaps the highlight of our trip to the American and Canadian Rockies. Thanks again for being such gracious hosts.

My father was especially fond and appreciative of Darrell’s relating the history of the Blackfeet and his personal story. He keeps his rattle he purchased from your store on his fireplace mantle and shakes it often at the television for the Steelers football team and more seriously, over his body for healing.

We DID, upon your advice, visit the Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo-Jump and loved it. I must send you some photos.

If you ever could use a recommendation from a multigenerational Pennsylvania tourist family, let us know. We continue to wish you the best: love, peace, and health and in 2007

Joseph K.


Dear Mo;

Darrell and Angelika are wonderful. The run a private property and have 6 tipis they rent to tourists during the Blackfoot powwow. The tipi camp is clean and commutable but is for campers only. I thought the new shower block with unlimited hot water luxurious- (and it is!!) but a few white American women complained about everything (soft city types not used to being out of their homes). Darrell has a beautiful common room attached to his home and art gallery and it is wonderful to read in there when you want a bit comfort sitting on lounges and using tables. The gallery is filled with Darrell’s work and that of other artists like David Dragonfly (beautiful work).

Each night Darryl cooks up a storm (he is a gourmet cook!!!!!!!) wonderful food and loads of it. I could generally only eat one course. I was the only tourist who wanted breakfast and dinner every day. The others came and went and sometimes had dinner or breakfast. I think it is best to order 7x dinner and breakfast because Darrell’s cooking is better than the four star hotel I stayed at in Los Angeles. Anyone who wants a holiday should forget about self catering if Darrell is still available.

Guests ate in the common room with Darrell and Angelika, and sometimes if the of people was good we spent hours talking about the Blackfeet and all their social problems and their amazing history. The whole setup is for people who want to learn about the real life situation of the Blackfeet and their current problems and what they are doing about their situation. Disney version is not available here and I greatly appreciated that.

Darrell is honest and open and a well read person who understands booth sides of the story. He has traveled the world and has great vision and understanding. I was very glad to meet him and such open discussions with him. The other tourists were a mixed bunch, but they came and went and I was glad to spend a whole week there instead of a few days. I think I learnt much more than most.

Best regards Judith M.

From Australia

Just a small mail to thank you for the few nice days we spent with you. We really enjoyed ourselves. Darrell thanks for the tip with the spray for the earth paint. It works wonders and I was really impressed! Everybody admires my par fleche and I am happy to know that I do not have to soak the skin now. We settled in fine after our trip but I always have the beautiful landscape in front of my inner eye. Wish you tow all the best for the future.

Bye Sarah,

From England

I wanted to thank you again for the time we had with you. I am amazed and impressed how your place grew and it felt good! Corinna Veit

Begegnungs-Reisen, Germany

Oki Darrell and Angelika,

I would like to take this opportunity to once again tell you what a wonderful time we had stying with you this summer. As we relate our summer experience to our friends and family, they are amazed that there are facilities available such as yours and experiences to be had for to the looking. The children, all 6 of them, still tell their friends of some of the things they learned from you, particularly the respect shown elders and the customs regarding tipi life.

Thanks again


From Billings, Montana

Dear Darrell,

Your class was wonderful! Everyone really enjoyed themselves, and learned a lot. It was an experience never to forget! I was amazed at how knowledgably you are about the Blackfeet history and present day life. I respect you for passing on your wisdom & stories. You have incredible patience and a strong spirit!

Thank you for shoring your heart and adventures. Keep up the great work, and we hope to see you next time! Good luck with the gallery, and thank your wife and Rena for being so sweet and helpful!

Best Wishes & Respect


From Glacier Institute, Kalispell, Montana

Darrell and Angelika,

Thank you so much for your hospitality and the incredible dinner that you prepared for our recent tour of Browning. The evening was informative, entertaining and memorable, thanks to you.

Thanks again for a delightful experience

Jerry for 3 Rivers Communications, Montana